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Bathroom Tiles in Ottawa

Most bathroom renovations in Ottawa involve installing different types of tiling in place of older materials. There are some important details to remember when considering a bathroom renovation that involves installing tiles. Proper planning and attention to detail can go a long way towards ensuring the tiles will be installed properly and enjoyed for as long as possible.
Bathroom tiling is often a relatively simple home improvement project that many homeowners can complete by themselves. This makes the installation of bathroom tiles even more cost-effective while improving the overall enjoyment of the room.

Understand Your Budget

It is a good idea to be realistic about the budget for the project. The budget will directly impact the area of the bathroom that can be tiled and the types of tiles that are chosen for the tile installation.
Most types of bathroom tiles are very easy to work with and considerable costs can be saved with a do-it-yourself installation. This can allow premium types of tiles to be used and larger areas of the bathroom to be tiled. Tiles last a long time so they should be considered an investment in the home.

Tiling Options and Tile Types

The bathroom offers a huge number of tiling opportunities; almost any area in the bathroom can be covered in tiles. Common areas include the following:
  • Floor
  • Backsplash
  • Shower
  • Wall
Specific types of tiles should be chosen depending on where the tiles will be installed. Floor tiles should be thicker to provide better load bearing properties and increase durability.  The tiles chosen for other areas of the bathroom can be thinner, but should focus on having higher water-resistance properties.
The most common types of bathroom tiles are ceramic and porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles are like ceramic tiles but they are purer in composition, and can be more expensive than ceramic. The added benefit of porcelain tiles is that if a tile chips, the tile is the same color all the way through. Porcelain tiles also have an increased hardness rating making them a better option for flooring. Glazes are used to give porcelain and ceramic tiles color, patterns and designs. The glaze also makes these tiles more waterproof for such applications as shower tiling or backsplashes.
Natural stone tiles are becoming more popular for use in the bathroom. Common natural stone tiles include granite, marble and limestone. The latter two are naturally quite porous, but they can be easily sealed a few times a year in order to provide the water-resistant qualities that are important for bathroom use. They provide a timeless beauty and elegance that can greatly improve the look of any room in the home.

Choose a Reputable Tile Distributor

Simply looking for bargain tiles can lead to installation problems and long term issues with inferior quality tiles. Choosing a reputable tile distributor will provide ease of mind that the tiles being installed are top quality and provide exceptional durability.
There are quality distributors with a history of quality servicing Ottawa and all of Ontario. Ensure that the tile distributor chosen stands behind the products that are sold to ensure the best possible customer experience.
Speak to a reputable distributor today and take the first step to installing bathroom tiles in your home in Ottawa.